New Changes at Lovelight during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Given the current global pandemic and local social distancing measures, we have taken several steps to ensure that your child & family are well protected during visits to our office. We continue to offer well child care and acute visits for all complaints. We are taking the following measures to ensure health and safety to those we continue to serve:

  • We have established two entrances to our clinic. The main entrance will continue to be used for well child care and those without infectious symptoms or complaints, and our secondary entrance (located on the front left of our building) is to be used for patients with fever, cough, or any concern for infection.
  • We are offering telemedicine visits for appropriate complaints. Our office uses HIPAA-compliant technology which can be used on your home computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Our staff have appropriate personal protective equipment, and use it appropriately when needed. All staff are wearing facemasks for the duration of our workday at present.
  • All patients & families (who are within a reasonable age) are to wear a face covering.
  • Each patient is to be accompanied by ONE adult only, unless there are specific circumstances requiring an additional person to be present.
  • Office hours have changed, and are limited during this time. However, Dr. Sisler continues to cover the emergency call line, and we are scheduling appointments throughout the week.

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